[np: 1864]. Original printed wrappers [old institutional plate and withdrawal], stitched, 28pp. Light wear, Very Good.

For a biography of this St. Louis German-American, see DAB. The attribution of authorship is by NUC. The Constitution grants the national government all the power it needs, in war or peace, to assure the safety and perpetuity of the Union. It is error, "impiety," and "sacrilege" for misguided patriots "to offer their rights and liberties as an additional sacrifice on the altar of the country." Arbitrary arrests, suppression of free speech, shutting down newspapers-- these transgress the limits of governmental power.
On what the author calls "The Negro Question," he concludes that the President rightly grounded the authority for Emancipation upon his duties as Commander-in-Chief. "But to prevent force, intrigue, and injustice from ever finding the least pretext to place the shackles again on human beings," Congress should place the rebellious States under military rule and pass a constitutional amendment abolishing slavery.
FIRST EDITION. Bartlett 1776. 306 NUC 0302100 [10]. Not in Monaghan or Nevins. Item #17115

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