TO THE PUBLIC. Pennsylvania Know-Nothing Party.


[Harrisburg: 1854]. Broadside, 9.75" x 10.5", printed in three columns. Lightly dusted and minor wear, old folds. Very Good.

This rare broadside, from American ['Know Nothing'] Party members of the Pennsylvania Legislature, attacks Simon Cameron, "one of the most intriguing, if not the most corrupt politician in the State." The broadside explains their refusal to support Cameron for the U.S. Senate. "Could we have exhonorated ourselves from the odium of such a nomination...?" Cameron is a chameleon: he has, from time to time, been a Whig, a Know-Nothing, and an anti-slavery man. During this latter incarnation he supported President Franklin Pierce's pro-slavery Kansas-Nebraska Act. In short, "there is not character enough in the man to impose upon credulity itself." Indeed, he is "an old political hack."
The broadside is signed in type at Harrisburg on February 12, 1854 by Nicholas Thorn, Jno. F. Linderman, T.L. Baldwin, Samuel B. Page and twenty-four others. It was issued at the height of Know-Nothing influence in American politics.
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