[New York? New Haven? 1856]. Caption title [as issued]. 15, [1] pp. Stitched, scattered foxing. Good+.

Ketchum supports former President Millard Fillmore, candidate of the American [Know-Nothing] Party, for the presidency. He advocates the Nativist agenda, fearful of the potential power of immigrants who are filling up the vast National Territories. "I have no objection that they should come, but I ask that when they come, they shall remain long enough to understand theoretically and practically the institutions and the habits of the people of this country, before they exercise a control through the ballot-box." For when Roman Catholics "come here to alter and disturb our time-honored customs, to exclude our Bible from our schools, to separate their children from ours in the schools, and attack our American usages which have come through all time, it is time for us to take care of ourselves."
On the slavery issue he assures his northern audience that Fillmore, like other northern Whigs, opposes the extension of slavery into the Territories. Fillmore's vice presidential candidate, Donelson of Tennessee, is, of course, another story. "Mr. Fillmore himself is in the very vigor and prime of life, and I don't think that there is any chance of the Vice- President being President for the next four years." The final page advertises the 'Campaign Express,' a pro-Fillmore periodical; and lists the American Party's 'Campaign Documents' for sale.
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