BULLY FOR JIM DAVIDSON. Civil War: Slavery, James Wilson Davidson.


[Monmouth IL? @1863]. Broadside, 6 1/4" x 18." Untrimmed, some browning and light wear, Very Good.

A delightful, rare, evidently unrecorded broadside, printing a document purportedly written by Davidson, a Monmouth attorney and Copperhead, and "the very lick-spittles of Davis & Co." The document fell into the author's hands "through the agency of a spirit medium." The reader is assured that "Any one doubting the authenticity of the article, can refer to A.H. Griffith, A.W. Noe, and Old lardy Tom, the Author's Brother." Griffith and Noe were, like Davidson, residents of Monmouth; and for this reason I infer that the broadside has a Monmouth origin. I have no idea who "Old lardy Tom" is.
The document-- filled with syntactical, spelling, and punctuation errors-- says that "the cause of our national troubles" is "this one question involving only the rights of the negro." Northerners have "been taught from the cradle to the sunday School and from that through the Pulpit to loathe and hate the southern slaveholder...filling the hearts of the people with hellish malice & deadly hatred." The War is denounced as an effort "to carry republican & abolition doctrine to the Gulph States and enforce the emancipation of every slave at the point of the Bayonet." Indeed, "the South has deep laid cause for her present course." A bitter attack on the War, the Lincoln Administration, and Negroes by an unreconstructed Copperhead.
Not located on OCLC [as of February 2020], or the online catalogues of AAS, Yale, Harvard, Newberry, Library of Congress, Princeton, U Texas. Not in NUC, Sabin, Nevins, Bartlett, Eberstadt, Decker. Item #27211

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