Boston: Boston Chemical Printing Company, 1830s? 12" x 11", broadside poem printed on white cotton cloth in two columns. A decorative rectangular border surrounds the poem. The inside border is surrounded by twenty vignettes in oval borders. Vignettes include animals such as a fox and an owl, as well as scenes such as a soldier leading an army, a king holding his scepter, a face in the clouds blowing wind at the trees. Spotted at lower left corner, and another light spot. Very Good.

This poem is a dialogue between Charles and Father concerning the reformation of Neighbor Joe, a former drunk who would curse and beat his wife and children. He told Father that through the example of his eldest daughter, Emeline, a student in the Sabbath School and follower of the Bible, he was able to ask God for forgiveness and change his wicked ways.
OCLC 30730589 [4- AAS, Mass. Hist. Soc., Yale, Brown] as of December 2018. Benes, Textiles in New England II, page 200. Item #27456

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