[np: 1876]. Broadside, 8-1/2" x 14". Minor wear, Very Good.

This broadside, signed in type by James M. Lingafelt, Chairman of the Blair County Republican Committee, urges voters to defeat Democratic Congressman John Reilly's bid for re-election, and to install Republican General Jacob Campbell instead. Reilly has been a reliable ally of the former Confederates. "The magnanimity of the North has permitted Southern traitors to resume their seats in Congress, and unmindful of their crimes, they now sit there seventy strong, two-thirds of them having held positions of profit or trust in the Southern Confederacy, a majority of them holding positions from Major General down to Captain, who now attempt to dictate what legislation shall shape the destinies of the Republic."
Not located on OCLC as of July 2015, or the online sites of the University of Pennsylvania, Penn. State, Item #32213

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