[Boston: 1778]. Unsigned manuscript document, folded to 9-1/2" x 7-1/4". [2]pp plus integral blank. 25 lines. Old folds, light foxing, Very Good.

"The Subscriber being informed that the Squadron of his most Christian Majesty now in the harbour of Boston require the use of an island in that harbour, which is now in his possession, known by the name of Gallops Island-- willing to render every assistance in his power to accomodate the Fleets or Army of his most Christian Majesty he would propose to give them his rights to the Improvements of said Island upon the Following Terms viz.
"The major of the Squadron shall grant him the exclusive rights of Erecting a Storehouse on Long Island & Supplying the French Officers & Soldiers with all those necessaries which they may want to purchase, ---- viands, Groceries of all kinds. Cyder, wines vegetables &c & he will agree to sell those articles at a very small advance from the price of Boston, & expressly Stipulate that no undue advantage shall be taken in the Price of any necessary, that he may have to sell.
"He will also Contract to furnish the Squadron with 2000 Cord of wood, delivered at any part of said Island that may be directed to, at 28 Lives money of France per Cord, payable upon the delivery of each 100 Cords.
"He will supply the Squadron with any Quantity of Fresh water delivered along side the Ships, at 7 deniers money of France per Gallon provided that there be no delay in hoisted the water from the Boats on Board the Ships, of the Cask are furnished for Transporting the water in ------ [here the document ends, in the middle of page 2].
Elisha Leavitt, Jr., and/or James Brackett owned Gallops Island at this time; historical records are ambiguous. Some sources indicate that the French erected earthworks at Gallops Island in 1778 to defend their fleet, anchored in the harbor; others assert that the earthworks were on George's Island, bought by Leavitt Jr. in 1768. Leavitt was a Tory, a fact well known in town: people burned down his barn and surrounded his home at one point. The story goes that the pleasant, elegantly dressed Mrs. Leavitt invited the mob in for cakes and wine, which calmed everyone down. Item #32766

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