[v.p. 1861-1865]. All unused, generally 3" x 5 1/2". Minor wear, occasional light foxing and dustsoiling, some previously mounted [glue and paper remnants on flap side]. Only No. 7 is listed in the Boyd bibliography. Good+ to Very Good.

1. Cover entirely in red, white, and blue colors of the Confederate flag, with eleven white stars on blue background and small portrait of Jefferson Davis immediately to the right of the stars.
2. Large Confederate flag, with twelve stars in circle, two tassels hanging from the finial. white stars on blue background on left. Printed with lavender ink. Image takes up entire front of cover.
3. Ten star Confederate flag in color, a soldier standing at attention next to it with his bayonet; tents in the background. The words "DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR" printed beneath it. Printed in red and blue inks.
4. Cannon in front of an eleven star Confederate flag. Image on left. Printed below image: 'ITS THUNDER TONES SHALL AROUSE THE FREEMAN.' Printed with red and blue inks.
5. Cover with the South Carolina state flag [palmetto tree and half moon] on a pole. Image on left. Printed below image, "We are Seven." Printed in black ink.
6. Cover with two seven star Confederate flags in color, their poles crossed with a snake wrapped around them. The words "DON'T TREAD ON US" above it; "EVER READY WITH OUR LIVES AND FORTUNES" beneath it. A picture of a tree and mountains in a circle printed in blue ink at the very bottom.
7. Cover with portrait of Jefferson Davis with signature "Jeffn Davis". Yellow cover printed in black ink.
Boyd 3.10.
8. Cover with seven star Confederate flag, initials C.S.A. beneath it. Printed in red and blue inks.
9. Portrait of Jefferson Davis in an oval frame flanked by two Confederate flags on each side, bayonets at the center, and cannons underneath. Caption printed vertically to left, "HON. JEFFERSON DAVIS, THE CHAMPION OF THE SOUTH." Printed in red and blue inks.
10. Variation of cover described above, same images but with caption at top, "Copy-right Secured. / HON. JEFFERSON DAVIS CHAMPION OF THE SOUTH." Printed in red and blue inks.
11. "Hear the Northern thunders mutter! / Northern Flags in the South wind flutter;/ Send them back your firm defiance!/ Stamp upon the accurs'd alliance!/ C.S." Black ink on buff [light yellow?] envelope. Printed in five lines at top left corner.
12. "Delaware is in 4 See Ess A." Printed in large type to left of envelope; black ink on yellow envelope.
13. Portrait of George Washington with the verse below, "FLORIDA/ Is in the field! The piercing cries of her Eagle has been heard throughout the Confederacy, and will be answered by her noble sons!!!" All surrounded by a rectangular frame. Blue ink printed on a yellow envelope.
14. Troops on horseback pulling a wagon with three men and a cannon coming off the back. "THE NATION'S DEFENSE" at top. "C.S.A." in large type below. Printed in red ink.
15. Image of Virginia's seal which depicts a soldier standing on his fallen foe and the caption above "SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS;" all within a circle. An eagle behind the circle with the word "VIRGINIA" over its head, cornucopias on either side of the circle and caption below, "LIBERTY OR DEATH." Black ink on goldenrod envelope.
16. Image of variation of early seal of South Carolina depicting a palmetto tree with arrows at its base, mountains in the background, all within a circular border. Caption below, "EVER READY WITH OUR LIVES AND FORTUNES." Printed in blue ink.
17. An image of General Butler wearing a giant hat and riding on the back of a horse, holding his sword high. "Picayune Butler" below. Obviously comparing him to the famous Civil War era black banjo player and one time clown who had a reputation for drinking. Black ink printed on a yellow envelope.
18. Confederate shield with "THE EMBLEM OF THE SOUTH" below. Printed in red and blue inks.
19. Confederate flag with seven stars in a circle. Printed in red and blue inks.
20. Confederate flag with ten stars and caption below, "DON'T TREAD ON US." Printed in red and blue inks.
21. Confederate flag with eleven stars. Printed in lavender ink. Item #33967

Price: $2,500.00