[v.p. 1861-1865]. All uncanceled, generally 3" x 5-1/2". Occasional light wear, occasional light dustsoiling. A few have glue remnants on flaps from having been mounted; most do not. Overall, Very Good. The following postal covers in order [by Weiss citation]:

C-P-A-4. Printed in red ink. A man in hat and long coat, a soldier turned hobo, holds a bottle in his right hand and a sack on the end of a can in his left hand; a tag hangs from his hat. Caption below image: "An Officer in King Cotton's Army addressing his constituents."
C-P-A-6. "A Pair of Spectacles." Image of spectacles: left lens contains scene of Jefferson Davis arriving in Washington, D.C under arrest. "J.D. arrives in Washington from the 'Sunny South'" is printed beneath the left lens. The right lens depicts Davis hanging from the gallows. "J.D. departs from Washington, for a warmer climate" is printed beneath the right lens. Printed in black ink.
C-P-A-11. "A Blower." General Henry A. Wise blows through a tube into a contraption while McClellan looks on with sword drawn. Caption reads, "Gen. McClellan. - I say, Wise, put that thing up; everybody knows you're a good blower, but you can't fight!' Imprint of S.C. Upham, 310 Chestnut St. Printed in blue ink.
C-P-A-17. Confederate soldier stands in front of a door; Confederate flag atop his bayonet. The shadow he casts on the door shows him standing in the same position but with a noose around his neck. Imprint of E. Cogan, No. 48 N. Tenth Street, Philadelphia on verso. Printed in blue and red inks.
C-P-A-19. "A New Way to pay Old Debts, as practiced by the 'Southern Chivalry.'" A southern gentleman, wearing a straw hat, points a revolver at a well-dressed Brit. The southerner holds a cat o'-nine-tails in the crook of his left arm, as does a second southern man in the background who is overseeing slaves. There is also a Confederate flag, a Palmetto tree and a cotton bale in the background. Imprint of D. Murphy's Son, Print. 65 Fulton & 372 Pearl Street, N.Y. Printed in red and blue inks.
C-P-A-20. A silhouette of a scraggly Confederate soldier in uniform, boots and spurs on his feet, holding a cat o' nine tails in his left hand and a bottle of "OLD. B" in his right, a sword at his left thigh; initials "J.D." on his hat and "C.S.A." on his belt; Confederate flag behind him with a skull and cross bones on it. The caption reads, "A member of the C.S.A. Alligator Rangers who is to make 5 of the 'Northern mudsils' run. We don't see it." Printed in black ink.
C-P-A-21. Same as item C-P-A-20 above but with the imprint of D. Murphy's Son, Print. 65 Fulton & 372 Pearl-sts, N.Y. printed vertically to left of image.
C-P-A-26. A well dressed man turns a spinning wheel with the words "Hemp for traitors, North or South" written on it. A field of grain stands to his left, a gallows to his right. The words "Agriculture," "Manufactures," "Fine Arts" are written below the grain, man, and gallows, respectively. Imprint of J. Nash printed in very tiny letters under picture. Printed in black ink on orange cover.
C-P-A-32. Bearded individual with a wide-brim straw hat, a sword attached to his belt. He carries a rifle and drags a cannon. Caption below image, "Agricultural Implements going South." Printed in black ink.
C-P-C-13. Babies dressed in finery gather around a witch with a pointed hat, cloak and cane. Caption below image, "Commissioners of C.S.A. at the Foreign Courts." Printed in red ink.
C-P-D-5. Heavy set woman wears bonnet and aproned dress, one hand on her hip and the other extended. Caption below image, "Didn't I tell you so? Jeff. Davis." Printed in red ink.
C-P-D-8. Two sets of troops march along railroad tracks. Above each is a bubble captioned, "Only 9 miles to the Junction." [The second bubble is missing the 'l' in 'only', as printed.] Caption below image, "Dedicated to the 71st Regiment and the Rhode Island Boys." Imprint printed vertically to left of image, John H. Tinlgye, 1524 Fulton St., N.Y. Printed in blue ink.
C-P-D-11. "Death To Traitors" printed at head of envelope and across its full length; each letter made up of images such as a lynching, gallows, soldiers, rifles, and flags. In the background are several tents and more soldiers. Imprint of E. Cogan, 48 N. Tenth Street, Philadelphia on flap. Printed in black ink.
C-P-F-3. Jefferson Davis hung by a noose, soldiers standing at attention with bayonets beside a large Union flag. "Jeff. Davis" above his head. Caption below image, "Fate of Traitors!" Printed in red and blue inks.
C-P-G-9. Four Union soldiers chase down four Confederate soldiers who are running and stumbling, two of them holding Confederate flags, one fallen to his knees, and one astride a donkey. The Union soldiers have a Union flag, a cannon and rifles with bayonets. One Confederate soldier is poked in the behind and held in the air at the end of a Union soldier's bayonet. Second soldier is riding a donkey. The third soldier may be Robert E. Lee, running with a Confederate flag. Printed in brown ink. Caption: "Grand Victorious 'Return' march of the Rebels."
C-P-J-27. General Scott holds Jefferson Davis off the ground by the throat, Davis' hat and sword falling. Text above reads, "Jeff in a tight place, he wont get off "SCOTT free". Caption below reads, "Gen. Scott on being asked 'What he would do with Jeff Davis, if he caught him?' made no reply, but slowly closed his fist with a convulsive grasp." Imprint printed vertically to left of image, Dr. Murphy's Son, Print., 65 Fulton & 372 Pearl-sts. N.Y. Printed in blue ink.
C-P-J-30. Jefferson Davis is hoisted in the air atop three Union soldiers' bayonets poked into his bottom. Davis says, "I only wanted to be let alone." The caption beneath the image says, "Jeff's unbounded ambition gives him an elevated position." Printed in red ink.
C-P-J-34. Jefferson Davis seated upon what appears to be a cotton bale, arms folded across his chest. Caption below image, "Jeff. King of the Cotton plant-nation, on his throne." Imprint below caption of S.C. Upham, 310 Chestnut St. Printed in blue ink. [This is an interesting cover which pokes fun at one with an identical image printed by J. Mullen of New Orleans which has C.S.A. above Davis' head and says "Cotton defeated Packenham, and Cotton will defeat "Ape Lincoln."]
C-P-J-36. Jefferson Davis chews on a root with the Confederate flag growing from it. A man kneeling in front of him with hands in praying position says, "Sweet flag." The caption below reads, "'He will hold on to the bitter end.' - DAVIS' SPEECH." Printed in black ink.
C-P-J-54. Davis and Scott sit at a table playing chess. Davis' features appear devil-like. "Jeff. Davis" above his image; "Gen. Scott" above his image. Caption below says, "Jeff Davis Checkmated." Imprint vertically to left of image, "Copyright secured by Brown & Ryan, New York." Printed in blue ink.
C-P-J-59. A hand holds a card which reads "Jeff Davis' Passport" vertically, and "Mr. Jeff. Davis and friends are permitted to leave the State of Virginia. Winfield Scott" horizontally. Imprint vertically to left of image, "New-York Union Envelope Depot, 144 Broadway." Printed in blue ink.
C-P-J-67. "JEFF. DAVIS GOING TO WAR." Beneath the caption is Davis' face. When you turn the card upside down, a second caption reads "JEFF, RETURNING FROM WAR" with the image now appearing to be the head of an ass. Printed beneath image, "Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1861, by E. Rogers, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States in and for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania." Printed in several colors.
C-P-J-74. Elaborate scene of Davis approaching a guillotine as uniformed soldiers look on with raised swords; buildings appear in the background. Reminiscent of the French Revolution. Caption below image reads, "Jeff. Davis's adieu to his foes. His last words, let me alone now, and I will go home and live the balance of my days on Hog, Hominy, Whiskey and Tobacco." Printed in blue ink. Item #33978

Price: $500.00