[v.p. 1861-1865]. All uncanceled, generally 3" x 5-1/2". Occasional light wear, occasional small spot. A few have glue remnants on flaps from having been mounted; most do not. Overall, Very Good. The following postal covers in order [by Weiss citation]:

C-P-O-4. Confederate soldier with dunce cap and sword, a pair of boots attached to his behind. Captioned, "One of the 'Flowers' of the Rebel Army, provided with a pair of seven-league boots." Printed in black ink.
C-P-O-5. Man in ragged clothing, carrying a rope looped over his shoulder, one end in his hand. In front of him is an empty noose hanging from a gallows. Caption below reads, "ONE OF THE ENDS OF SECESSION." Image printed in black.
C-P-O-12. Long row of gallows leading to the U.S. Capitol, each with a body hanging from a noose, the names of Confederates above several of them. Names read, "Davis, Beauregard, Toombs, Floyd, Yancey, Twiggs, Rhett & Co." "Washington" printed above the building. Caption below image reads, "ON THE ROAD TO WASHINGTON." Printed in blue ink.
C-P-O-13. Virginia depicted as a crippled old woman with words "Old Dominion" on her dress, bent over and leaning on a cane. On her back is the fighting ground of the rival armies; men carrying Union flags climbing up the right side using a ladder with the word "North" printed below them, while men carrying Confederate flags climb up the left side with the word "South" printed below. Caption above reads, "'You may plant your seeds in peace, for Old Virginia will have to bear the brunt of battle.' Gov. Pickens." Caption below scene, "Poor Old Simple Virginia." Printed in red ink.
C-P-P-2. A Southern gentleman holds a sword with the letters "F.F.V." and sips a drink from a long straw, a smoking cigarette also hanging from his mouth. The caption below reads, "Portrait of the 'Southern Gentleman' who objected to Ellsworth's Zouaves coming into Virginia, because they didn't belong to the 'First Families.'" Imprint of S.C. Upham, 310 Chestnut St. below caption. Printed in blue ink.
C-P-S-3. Instead of horses, four soldiers ride upon the shoulders of black men. One soldier holds a sword and one a flag with skull and cross bones. A cabin is in the background. Caption below image reads, "Secession Cavalry." Printed in black ink.
C-P-S-14. Image of a tree with the word "Union" on the trunk and two men perched upon a branch which bears the word "Secession," one man sawing through the branch. Caption below reads, "Secessionists leaving the Union." Printed in blue ink.
C-P-S-20. A group of well dressed gentlemen standing arm in arm with the caption "Secession States - Present" below the image. A second image below this shows the group of men led in chains, the caption "Secession State - Future" printed below it. Printed in black ink.
C-P-S-23. Jeff Davis with his arms outstretched and looking astonished at seeing a Union soldier standing before him. Tents and a Confederate flag in the background. Caption below, "Striking dramatic attitude assumed by Jeff. Davis on beholding one of the Union Volunteers on the 'sacred soil' of Virginia." Printed in black ink.
C-P-T-8. A traveler in the rain with a sack on a stick over his shoulder approaches a sign post pointing from the way he just came with the words "To Union" on it. The caption below reads, "THE FUTURE TURNING POINT. South [solus] - 'Lord a mercy, I'm going wrong, and got to walk way back again.'" Printed in blue ink.
C-P-T-10a. The Union army bearing bayonets and a Union flag chase Confederate soldiers who are fleeing on foot and horseback with their cannon and flag. Caption below reads "The Flying Artillery of the C.S.A." Printed in black ink.
C-P-T-31. Image of Jefferson Davis hanging in the gallows with a hood over his head and two Union flags crossed overhead. "Jef [sic] Davis" at head of image, and caption below reads, "The WRONG man in the RIGHT Place." Printed in red and blue inks.
C-P-T-37. Jefferson Davis ["J.D." printed above his head] walks a tightrope over a waterfall heading toward the side of a cliff on which is the Capitol building, a soldier, and the Union flag. Behind him a man is poised to cut the tightrope with an ax. Charles Blondin (Jean Francois Gravelet) was a French tightrope walker and acrobat who was well-known in the United States, especially for his multiple walks over Niagara Falls. The verse below reads, "This modern Blondin leaves but one impression Upon the mind of every calm spectator: How easily we circumvent SECESSION Must now be clearly seen by this arch-traitor." Printed vertically to left of image, "Copyright secured, by Brown & Ryan, 201, 203 and 205 William-street." Printed in lavender ink.
C-P-T-45. Image depicts a man knocked onto his back by an exploding gun labeled "Secession." The caption below him reads, "The result of playing with dangerous weapons - the sure result Traitors beware!" Imprint printed vertically to left of image, "D. Murphy's Son, Print., 65 Fulton & 372 Pearl-sts. N.Y." Printed in gray ink.
C-P-T-57. Profile view of a foppish overdressed man with well groomed hair and moustache. Caption below reads, "The Man who conceived C.S.A." Printed in red ink.
C-P-T-58. Two men stand on a hilltop with spyglasses; the dome of the Capitol is in the distance. The caption below reads, "The Way Washington was Taken./ Jeff Davis and Beauregard are 'looking toward Washington,' and have been for six months past." Printed in black ink.
C-P-T-60. A Confederate officer labeled "SECESSION" hanging by his neck from a beam with a cannon labeled "The Union 34 Pounder" acting as a counterweight. He is choking with his tongue hanging out of his mouth and his eyes bulging. His hat bears a skull and cross bones; a small Confederate flag atop it has fallen from his head. Printed in black ink.
C-P-U-4. Three men hang from their necks from a flag atop a broken flagpole in a fort. Initials over their heads are "B," "F," and "JD." Cannons are perched atop the fort, "S. Carolina" printed beneath an exploding cannon. Caption below reads, "Unexpected results arising from fall of Sumpter's flag." Printed in violet ink.
C-P-V-3a. Two images of the "family" of Virginia. Above captioned "VIRGINIA IN 1776" depicts a happy, well dressed mother sitting in a chair with her five young sons surrounding her; a banner with the stars and stripes hangs above them. A copy of the Declaration of Independence hangs in the background. Below captioned "VIRGINIA IN 1861" depicts a degenerate family with the mother sitting in her chair holding a bottle in her hand, one son waves a Confederate flag and has a cat o' nine tails in his back pocket and stands on a slave doll, one son drinking, two sons playing cards and smoking, and the youngest sitting on the floor with a bag with the word "STOLEN" on it. Two whips with chains and manacles hang above them. Printed vertically to left, "Entered according to act of Congress, by John G. Wells, in 1861, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court, for the Southern District of New York." Printed in blue ink.
C-P-W-5. Image depicts a ragged, emaciated soldier holding an empty bottle as he floats on a barrel labeled "C.S.A." from which a tattered Confederate flag hangs. Caption below reads, "What they must soon come to." Imprint below caption, "Wm. Ridenburgh, 140 Nassau St. N.Y." Printed in black ink.
C-P-Y-2. "YOUNG AMERICA." To the right an image of a child playing with a toy while his mother looks on. Caption below reads, "NORTH." To the left an image of a boy sitting on a large barrel marked "COGNAC" while he smokes a cigarette. Caption below reads, "SOUTH." Printed in violet ink.
C-P-Y-6. Image depicts a strutting, dandified Yancey with a walking stick. Printed vertically to left of image, "YANCEY, Commissioner from 'C.S.A.'" Imprint of Magee, Stationer, 2d & Chestnut on verso. Printed in blue ink. Item #33979

Price: $500.00