Chicago, IL: Great Divide Publishing Company, 1895. Folio, 10 1/4" x 13 3/4" [265]-287, [1] pp. Original printed and illustrated title wrappers, many other illustrations. Original staples, six small punch holes at the spine. Title in large decorative font, with full-page color illustration relating to the 1896 election and Tammany Hall. Grover Cleveland is in a checkered suit; two butterflies, labeled "first term" and "second term," sit on his hat. He holds a butterfly net in his hand attempting to catch a butterfly labeled "third term." A tiger is crouched behind him ready to pounce; its collar reads, "Tammany." The caption below the pictures: "A POLITICAL POSSIBILITY./ Cleveland - Now, I'll catch it sure./ Tammany Tiger - You bet your sweet life you will." With a nod to phrenology, the rear wrap is a color illustration of an inventor showing a police captain his patented "self-reforming criminal head moulder," and explaining that by changing the shape of a criminal's skull you can "transform him into an honest man." Eight smaller insets of side and back views of male heads with captions such as: "Aldermanic Type. Ignorant and vulgar; common crook; frequents race tracks and gambling houses."/ "Police Judge. All around crook. Very low."/ and "Professional Juryman. Stupid and unprincipled. Frequents courts." Very Good.

In addition to two short articles explaining the wrapper illustrations, this edition contains a two column article on the disappearance of Denver healer Francis Schlatter; "Cliffs and Canons [sic] of Colorado" featuring several photographic illustrations taken along the route of the Rio Grande Western Railroad; the 6 page story "The Christmas Rose" by C. Reid; a few smaller articles such as "How A Woman Outwitted Stage Robbers" by Mrs. M.L. Kimmerly; and many other articles and anecdotes and advertisements such as Harper's Magazine, Harper's Weekly, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Waverly Bicycles, and Pabst Milwaukee Beer. One photographic illustration shows two faces of Caucasian babies and two faces of African American children a bit older with the caption, "A Study in Black and White." Item #34105

Price: $100.00