GEN. SCOTT A-SLEEP. AIR- "WERE A NODDING." Confederate Broadside Poem.


[np: 1861]. Broadside, 5-5/8" x 8-5/8". Text surrounded by decorative border. Very Good. Contemporary signature of David E. Pendleton. Pencil date on verso, "July 27th, 1861." A Baltimore resident, he enlisted at the age of eighteen in November 1862 in the 7th Virginia Cavalry, C.S.A. He was captured at Reams Station in August 1864, and exchanged in February 1865.

A rare Confederate imprint, mocking the Union's bumbling response to the South's secession. The first line is "O! they're all dreaming, dream, dream, dreaming." The song laughs at the Union army: "O! 'tis such glorious fun, O! to see the devils run,/ And scamper far and near before a Southern gun."
Parrish & Willingham 6328. Rudolph 103. OCLC 83673874 [1- NYHS], 29575691 [3- Duke, Wake Forest, Lib. VA] as of September 2017. Item #34132

Price: $750.00