SONG. AIR- "HAPPY LAND OF CANAAN." Confederate Song.


[np: 1862?]. Broadside printed on bright yellow paper, 3-5/8" x 8-5/8". Light toning, Very Good.

This scarce song was printed in several locales, with slight variations. All appear to begin, as here, with "You Rebels come along and listen to my song." The song mocks the efforts of Abraham Lincoln and his army to crush the rebellion. "Old Uncle Abe, he ordered a blockade,/ He thought that his vessels would sustain him,/ But the old Merrimac, she gave them such a crack,/ That she sent them to the Happy Land of Canaan."
The song contains ten four-line stanzas, each followed by the Chorus. Probably an 1862 publication date, after the Monitor-Merrimac fight, and after the Battle of the Peninsula in July, about which the author also gloats.
Wolf, Confederate Song Sheets C144 [this item]. Rudolph 240 [variant: title includes the phrase, "Written by Master Joseph Borrowich, of Baltimore, Md."]. Parrish & Willingham 6540 [variant, entitled, "Song. Tune. Happy Land of Canaan."]. OCLC 8223973 [5], 84144974 [1] [variations not determined]. Item #35378

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