[Boston: The Liberator] 221 Washington St., Room G, [1861]. Elephant folio broadside, 17" x 24-1/2". Printed in six columns Light toning and wear. Small chip at top blank edge. Old folds, several splits along folds with occasional loss of portions of a couple of letters, repaired on verso with archival tape. Good+.

This rare broadside prints Wendell Phillips's lecture, delivered April 21, 1861, at the Music Hall in Boston before the Twenty-Eighth Congregational Society. At this very early stage in the War, he explains that the primary purpose of the War is the extirpation of Slavery, not merely the maintenance of the Union.
"To-day, therefore, the question is, by the voice of the South, 'Shall Washington or Montgomery own the continent?' And the North says, 'From the gulf to the pole, the Stars and Stripes shall atone to four million of negroes whom we have forgotten for seventy years; and, before you break the union, we will see that justice is done to the slave.'... The noise and dust of the conflict may hide the real question at issue. Europe may think, some of us may, that we are fighting for forms and parchments, for sovereignty and a flag. But really the war is one of opinions; it is Civilization against Barbarism; it is Freedom against Slavery. The cannon-shot against Fort Sumter was the yell of pirates against the Declaration of Independence; the war-cry of the North is the echo of that sublime pledge. The South, defying Christianity, clutches its victim. The North offers its wealth and blood in glad atonement for the selfishness of seventy years..."
This broadside was issued by The Liberator, founded by William Lloyd Garrison. It prints a couple of articles "From the Boston Liberator", and states that it is "For Sale at 221 Washington St., Room 6," The Liberator's address. Several issues of The Liberator had noted the availability of this broadside.
Not in LCP, Bartlett, Blockson, Work, Dumond, Sabin. OCLC 950906757 [1- AAS], 33000276 [3- Cornell, Harvard, Brown] as of March 2019. Item #35707

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