THE MODERN BELISARIUS. George Brinton McClellan.


[np: 1864]. Broadside wood engraving, 8-1/2" x 10-3/4". Fine.

This rare, sympathetic wood engraving of 1864 Democratic presidential candidate McClellan depicts him, weary from battle, sitting outdoors, wearing his military uniform, his hat and coat removed. In the lower margin is printed the following text: "McClellan.---After the first Battle of Bull Run, I re-organized your shattered forces; after the second, I saved your menaced Capitol: I sit by the wayside waiting for Justice from the People. Shall I have it?"
"The unknown artist of this print managed to create an affecting image of McClellan as the modern analog of the Roman general Belisarius, who repeatedly saved his country only to have its jealous sovereign thrust him aside afterward..." [Figure 67 and accompanying text, from Neely & Holzer, THE UNION IMAGE. POPULAR PRINTS OF THE CIVIL WAR NORTH.]
Not in Reilly, Weitenkampf, LCP, Sabin, Bartlett. OCLC 191120022 [1- AAS] as of March 2019. Item #35747

Price: $850.00