A CARD TO THE PEOPLE. Soldiers' Convention.


[Danville, Illinois? 1865]. Broadside, 11" x 14-5/8". One prominent fox spot in the blank upper margin. Outer margin trimmed close to, but not affecting, text. Good+ or Very Good.

A rare, evidently unrecorded, broadside concerning "A Committee of Soldiers" who have called "for a SOLDIERS' CONVENTION to be held at Danville, Saturday, Aug. 12th 1865, for the purpose of nominating candidates for the various county offices from those who for years past have been filling the posts of danger in our country's defence." Danville is a town in east central Illinois, about 120 miles south of Chicago.
A "slanderous and designing report" has been issued by opponents of the Soldiers' Convention, seeking to "keep the county offices in possession of those who for years past have grown rich in occupying them." Nineteen "Officers and Soldiers" sign their names in type at the bottom rebutting the canard: "The call above noted was made by SOLDIERS irrespective of party." They urge voters "to honor those who have borne for them the brunt of the battle."
Many listed soldiers were from the 37th and 125th Illinois Infantries, with a handful from other units. The 37th participated in the Siege of Vicksburg and Battles of Pea Ridge, Prairie Grove, Sterling's Farm, Cape Girardeau, Chalk Bluffs, and others. The 125th participated in the Siege of Atlanta and Battles of Perryville, Chickamauga, Resaca, New Hope Church, Jonesboro, and others. Among the listed soldiers is William P. Black, who received a Medal of Honor while with Company K, 37 Illinois Infantry, at the Battle of Pea Ridge. He "singlehandedly confronted the enemy, firing a rifle at them and thus checking their advance within 100 yards of the lines." Other soldiers were G.W. Leaky, J.J. Clayton, Wm. Maverty, Eli Shepherd, Clark Snell, Joseph Shipner, Capt. George W. Cook, William M. Bandy, William Mann, John Chandler, Joseph Lockhart, Jonas Lawrence, Asa Morgan, James McFarland, William Hilliard, James W. Smith, Henry Moriarty, and J.G. Hiedelburg.
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