[London? c.1943-1945]. Typed mimeographed documents on unlined paper, each 8" x 13." Light wear and some dustsoiling of edges. Overall, Very Good. The lot includes:
[1] THE JEWISH QUESTION/ STATEMENT BY THE NATIONAL JEWISH COMMITTEE OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY. 7, [1 blank] pp, some underlining and handwritten notes on final blank page. [see OCLC 8682391]. International Aspects of the Jewish Question, The Role of Political Zionism Amongst the Jews, The Yishuv (Jewish Community), The Way Forward in Palestine, The Jewish Question in Britain, British Jews and the Soviet Union.
[2] MEMORANDUM ON JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS. 4pp. Details on the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Anglo-Jewish Association, Zionist Federation of Great Britain, World Jewish Congress, Workers' Circle, United Synagogue, Federation of Synagogues, New Zionist Organization, Poalo Zion and Agudah. Also discusses Activities of the National Jewish Committee, Party Policy Among Jews, Anti-Semitism, Fate of European Jewry, How to Help the Refugees, and Zionism.
[3] OUR ATTITUDE TO ZIONIST ACTIVITIES AND THE WAR. [2-1/8]pp. Includes Mobilizing Jewry, Zionist Responsibility, The Jewish Problem.
[4] SUPPLEMENT TO THE LETTER OF THE NATIONAL JEWISH COMMITTEE OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY/ TEHERAN CONCORD AND THE JEWS/ THE FUTURE OF THE JEWS IN THE POST-WORLD BY ABRAHAM CHAPMAN. 4pp. Several corrections/notations in red and green ink. Discusses the Teheran Conference; the Emergency Committee to Save the Jewish People of Europe, President Roosevelt's Program.
[5] SUPPLEMENT TO THE LETTER OF THE NATIONAL JEWISH COMMITTEE OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY/ MAINTAIN THE LINK [1], [1 blank] pp. Discusses Nazi atrocities with "scores of thousands of our brothers and sisters hav[ing] been put to death torn from every corner of Europe. Jewish corpses mingle with those of French, Poles, Danes, Russians, etc." The Jews must remember their debt to the Soviet Union and their responsibilities to their Soviet brethren.
[6] STATEMENT TO THE JEWISH BUREAU ON OUR ATTITUDES TO THE U.J.C. AND THE J.F.F.S.R. 2pp. One small ink correction. Discusses the mistakes and failures of the U.J.C. and establishment of the new J.F.F.S.R. committee and oversight of the same.

In the early twentieth century, London became the center of Jewish immigration and Jewish Communism in Great Britain. In 1936, the Communist Party of Great Britain [CPGB] established the Jewish Bureau to represent Jewish Communists. The Bureau was dissolved in 1939; in 1943 it reformed as the National Jewish Committee [NJC] due to a rise in anti-Semitism in Great Britain during the Second World War, the failure of the Board of Deputies of British Jews to address the internment of Jewish refugees, and the release of Sir Oswald Mosley, a British Fascist leader. The NJC was "dedicated to outlining the intersection of Jewish issues and Communist politics and platforms, while aiding in the development of a strategy for drawing Jews to the CP." Franzen.
"At its first meeting in April 1943, the NJC decided on the need for a 'reevaluation of the whole question of Zionism and Palestine,' specifying in December that the 'reevaluation' was to be carried out 'in the light of the need for greatest unity in the fight against fascism.' Using the same lines of argument as its forerunner, the NJC now came out fully in favor of the Yishuv, espousing positions that were difficult to distinguish from mainstream Zionist positions. In a 1944 'Statement on the Jewish Question,' the NJC declared that the Yishuv was 'playing a progressive role in the economic and social development of Palestine and the Middle East' and that it took part 'in a most positive fashion' in the struggle against fascism, showing a 'powerful expression' of solidarity with the Soviet Union. In March 1945, the NJC argued that since Palestinian Jewry was 'the most progressive force in the Middle East,' Palestine should be open to Jewish immigration on a mass scale and the White Paper should be denounced 'by all sections of Jewry as wrong policy.' Another statement a month later announced that 'Jews-everywhere-may aspire to Palestine as a homeland,' because immigration was 'a Jewish right,' and that the time had come for the Jews to 'restore many of the glories of which the Jewish people are only aware from their Bible stories.' The minutes of an NJC meeting in April state that Jewish Communists should be prepared 'to unite' with Zionists 'in the interests of Jewry.' [Franzen, Johan: "Communism versus Zionism: The Comintern, Yishuvism, and the Palestine Communist Party," JOURNAL OF PALESTINE STUDIES, VOL. 36, NO. 2 (WINTER 2007), pp. 6-24, Published by the University of California Press; Kushner & Lunn: THE POLITICS OF MARGINALITY: RACE, THE RADICAL RIGHT AND MINORITIES IN TWENTIETH-CENTURY BRITAIN, Psychology Press: 1990, Introduction pp. [xiv-xvi].]. Item #36082

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