Philadelphia, Lancaster PA and elsewhere: Magee [Philadelphia], Zahm [Lancaster], and three others, 1861-1865. Five postal covers, all in Very Good condition:
a. "The latest Contraband of War." A working slave stands confidently: "Whar is Massa Jeff, now, dat's what's de matter."
Weiss C-BL-16.
b. "Him fader's hope, / Him moder's joy, / Him darling little / Contraband Boy." A white man holds a little black baby.
Weiss C-BL-11.
c. A medicine bottle, labeled "Black Drop," with the head of a Negro at its top: "A popular medicine used by the C.S.A. aristocracy, that cannot be obtained in any Northern apothecary shop, being com-POUND-ed exclusively on the sacred soil." [italics instead of caps in the original]. "S.H. Zahm, & Co., Publishers, Lancaster, Pa."
Weiss C-BL-12..
d. A black man polishes boots in a house. Referring to Ben Butler's capture of New Orleans, he says, "By golly Massa Butler, I like dis better dan workin' in de field for ole Sesesh massa."
Weiss C-BL-59.
e. "A member of Jim Francis' Philadelphia Dog Detective Gards, has Jeff in a tight place." A black man holding some twigs looks down at a dog with collar labeled "Jeff." An observing donkey says, "Jeff has the feelings of a prince of wails." Published by Magee, 316 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.
Weiss C-BL-35. Item #36346

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