[Cincinnati: Cincinnati Gazette, Feb. 25, 1863]. Broadside, 17-1/2" x 6". Tide mark along inner margin, closed tears expertly repaired [no text affected]. Else Very Good.

This rare broadside is an incisive analysis of the political dynamics of Secession in the South. The author, identified only by his initials "E.H.L." at the end, "was born and bred in the South" and "resided in the Gulf States for fifteen years," including the years of Buchanan's presidency "and the first few months of Mr. Lincoln's." He identifies two types of secessionists: the first viewed Secession merely as a means to achieve a reconstruction of the Union with "additional guaranties to the Slave Power." For them, "Secession was merely a sectional and party manoeuvre by which the Republicans were to be bluffed from the fruits of their victory and intimidated into concessions to the Slave Power and the Democracy."
A second and far more culpable class of Southern politicians sought Secession, not as a political tactic, but as a permanent separation in order to achieve "a change from a democratic to an aristocratic form of government." The goal of this cabal was "a Confederacy of Slave States," a "pure slave Confederacy." It would enhance its power by "the acquisition of Mexico." Originally an early "secret conclave of South Carolina and Virginia politicians," it bided its time until, having rapidly acquired power during Buchanan's administration, it deliberately disrupted the Democratic Party in 1860 "and secured the election of a Republican president." Democrats of the first group, unaware of these "ulterior designs," have been "grossly deceived, and have been betrayed and deserted by their supposed Southern allies." Thus, "I neither accuse nor suspect any Northern or Western Democrat of the design to aid in the permanent dissolution of the Union."
A printed note at the end-- from the Cincinnati Gazette, February 25, 1863-- explains that "the writer resided in the midst of the plotters, and what he states are his personal observations. He is now sojourning in Kentucky."
Not in Sabin, Blockson, LCP, Bartlett, Eberstadt, Thompson. OCLC 60951730 [1- NYHS] as of November 2019. Item #36367

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