[Philadelphia]: Published by F. Bouclet, 1861. Rare, beautifully colored, 20" x 25-3/4" lithograph printed on wove paper, titled "Presidents of the United States". Displays all the Presidents through a beardless Lincoln, surrounding a vignette of Lady Liberty , the American eagle, a steamboat, and the Capitol (the dome complete as anticipated, though still under construction). Published by F. Bouclet and lithographed by A. Feusier. In superb condition with just a hint of toning from previous framing. Fine.

"A large, patriotic print probably issued around the time of Abraham Lincoln's inauguration. Columbia stands before the U.S. Capitol, holding a shield and a staff with a liberty cap. On her brow she wears a laurel wreath with a single star. Beside her is an eagle, holding a streamer with the motto "E Pluribus Unum." A steamship is visible in the background left. The central scene is framed by oval portraits of the first sixteen presidents of the United States, with George Washington at the top and a beardless Abraham Lincoln at the bottom" [Reilly].
The print "commemorates Lincoln's election and recognizes the challenges and opportunities facing the 16th president. In this image, a portrait of Lincoln completes an unbroken ring of portraits depicting the 15 presidents who preceded him. The illustration calls to mind a quote from Lincoln's first inaugural, 'Perpetuity is implied, if not expressed, in the fundamental law of all national governments'... By commemorating Lincoln's election and illustrating the troubled and complex scene he faced, this chromolithograph encapsulates the spirit of Lincoln's presidency" [Mast, 'A Closer Look at Presidents of the United States, 4 President Lincoln's Cottage, page 2 (2009)].
Reilly 1861-13. OCLC 41119329 [2- Lib. Cong., MN Public School District] as of November 2019. The print is also included in the Jay Last Collection at the Huntington. Item #36386

Price: $5,000.00