[San Francisco]: Publ. by I.N. Choynski, Antiquarian, [@1877]. Oblong illustrated broadside, 14" x 11". Light dusting, Very Good.

I.N. Choynski was among the first antiquarian booksellers in San Francisco. "The Chinese Must Go!" was the slogan of the Working Man's Party of California during the 1870s. Denis Kearney, its leader, often concluded speeches to his followers with this refrain. Born in Ireland, Kearney came to San Francisco in 1868 and, based on Anti-Chinese sentiment, formed the Party. At one of its rallies, Kearney incited a riot: On July 24 1877, men gathered for a demonstration on Mission Street at the United States Mint, near the Mission Woolen Mills, an important employer of Chinese workers. The next night a crowd gathered at the Pacific Mail docks, where Chinese workers arrived from the Far East. The police and public safety patrols could not keep the crowd from setting fire to a nearby lumberyard, then attacking the firefighters. Police charged, gunfire broke out, and four rioters lay dead.
The Working Man's Party resented Chinese workers' acceptance of lower wages, poorer conditions, and longer hours than white workers. The image shows Kearney in prison stripes, with Chinese poking insults at him. He had been jailed for inciting the riot.
OCLC 122571318 [1- Stanford], 299947868 [1- DLC], 37123000 [3 in CA] as of November 2019. Item #36396

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