Baltimore: From the Press of James Lucas & Son, [1860? 1861?]. Original printed yellow title wrappers, stitched, 34pp. Wraps with some dusting, Very Good.

This pamphlet was originally published in De Bow's Review for December 1860. It was written before South Carolina seceded later that month. Memminger, South Carolina's emissary to fraternal Southern States, reminds Virginia of its deep ties to South Carolina. He emphasizes Carolinians' solidarity during the Harper's Ferry Crisis, "Virginia's sympathy with South Carolina in the nullification struggles," and the many outrages that Northerners and abolitionists perpetrated upon a patient and submissive South over the years.
Today "the North and the South stand in hostile array," a fixed condition that requires dissolution of the Union. "Can any one mistake the roaring of the storm at Washington? Has the column of the Republican party there shown any sign of wavering?"
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