Item #36967 "MY FRIENDS." WHEN IN JULY 1863, THE CITY OF NEW YORK WAS UNDER THE REIGN OF A MOB. Draft Riots, Horatio Seymour.


New York: American News Co., [1864]. Broadside, 8" x 11-1/2", several type fonts, text surrounded by decorative border. Mild margin foxing. Very Good.

This scarce, pungent broadside denounces Governor Seymour's conduct during the July 1863 Draft Riots. It may have contributed to his narrow defeat in 1864, when he sought re-election. "When arson, plunder, murder, and all the infernal passions of a brutalized mob were holding high carnival, and civilization went draped in mourning," Seymour "requested the men doing these bloody deeds, to meet him in front of the City Hall in New York, and there began his coaxing, blarneying address to them, with the words 'MY FRIENDS.' His whole speech was in keeping with this introduction."
The broadside-- also an attack on New York's Irish immigrants, a significant portion of the rioters-- explains that these were indeed Seymour's friends: they voted for him in 1862, as demonstrated in printed voting tallies from "Mackerellville," the Five Points [i.e., the "Practical Amalgamation District"], Corlears Hook [the "Democratic Miscegenation District"], the Dance Houses ["or Free Love Dist."] These are the locations of "Groggeries," "notorious brothels," "places where thieves and ruffians habitually resort," "haunts of the Murderers, Robbers, and Incendiaries, who figured in the 'Reign of Terror,' in July, 1863."
"Democratic governor Horatio Seymour, vacationing on the New Jersey coast during the riots, returned on Tuesday and addressed the crowd at City Hall, allegedly calling them 'My Friends' and exhorting them to return to their homes. He also sought a suspension of the draft, of which he thoroughly disapproved. It was not until Thursday, 16 July, that federal troops, some of them summoned from Gettysburg, were able to end the rioting. On 17 July Roman Catholic archbishop John Hughes cooperated with Mayor George Opdyke in pacifying the crowd, and order was restored" ["The New York City Anti-Draft Riots", The Oxford Companion to American Military History online website, accessed May 2021.]
OCLC 191232604 [3- AAS, Brown, NYHS ] , 15802517 [2- Lincoln Pres. Lib., LCP] as of March 2022. Item #36967

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