New York: Published by the N.Y. Workingmen's Democratic Republican Association, [1863 or 1864]. Folio broadside, 12-3/8" x 19." Light foxing and minor wear, Very Good. At the bottom: "Printed also for the Loyal Publication Society, 863 Broadway, N.Y. PLEASE POST THIS UP."

This dramatic signed at the end in bold type by "A Democratic Workingman," urges his fellow Workingmen to shun "A Traitor's Peace... Let the ballot-box tell the story of your patriotism, and your resolve not to be the 'white slaves' of traitors or their friends." Some printings are dated October 30, 1863. This one is undated. The Library of Congress has both; the Library Company has ours.
The broadside demonstrates the South's intransigence by quoting from an editorial in the "Richmond Enquirer of the 16th of October [1863]," which demands: "The North must yield all; we nothing... "SURELY SHALL WE MAKE THEM PAY OUR WAR DEBT THOUGH WE WRING IT OUT OF THEIR HEARTS." The editorial asserts that the South will "fight till doomsday rather than yield one iota" of their extreme demands.
"WORKINGMEN! The politicians who cry out for 'Peace,' and 'the Union as it was,' tell us that it is a very easy thing to settle the troubles between the North and the South." But the reality is far different: it means "the destruction of the Union-- the giving up of Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri. Workingmen! These are the terms of peace to which you are invited by the 'peace' men." Workingmen repudiate the Democrats, and "vote for the party that stands by the government." Item #37017

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