Various dimensions, from 3-3/4" x 4-1/2" to 8" x 10-1/4." With frequent captions or notes on the blank verso identifying the location and time, or notes at the base of the photograph. Frequently with the logo of Underwood & Underwood, press photographers of the day. Occasional minor corner or edge wear. Very Good.

Four of the smaller photographs depict the dedication ceremonies of the McKinley Memorial Association, which "was established soon after McKinley's assassination. It raised funds, chose a site, and began construction in 1905. The dedication ceremonies took place on September 30, 1907; President Theodore Roosevelt came to Canton to attend" [web site of the McKinley National Memorial]. Captions in ink manuscript explain the photos: "Pres. Roosevelt delivering his address at dedication of McKinley Mon"; "Jas. Whitcomb Riley reading his poem at dedication McKinley Monument Canton"; "Presidential procession moving toward McKinley Monument, Canton, Ohio"; "Dedication of McKinley Mon.," photograph of the audience with Secretary Garfield, Vice President Fairbanks, and several others [their names clipped from the manuscript notes].
Two others show him campaigning before a crowd, date unknown. Another shows him in 1906 "delivering his notable address at the new Armory, Naval Academy," the Underwood caption identifying several other notables at the dais. An Underwood photo, undated, depicts him from the rear, aboard ship in formal dress and tipping his hat.
Another depicts TR "On return from South America May 19, 1914." Then, another shows him "Off to Attend Wedding in Madrid of His Son Kermit," 1914. Two others, undated, are frontal photographs. One of the larger ones shows him sitting, "In Court | Barnes Trial (?)." Barnes, New York State Republican Chairman, sued TR in 1915 for libel after Roosevelt charged he was corrupt. Item #37325

Price: $3,000.00