Item #37442 THE DESERET NEWS. TRUTH AND LIBERTY. Elias Smith, and Publisher.


Great Salt Lake City: July 1, 1863 - August 17, 1864. Volume XIII, Numbers 1-10, 13-35, & 38-47. Each number folio, 11" x 16." Each page printed in four columns, each number eight pages.

The Deseret News is an organ of the Church of Latter Day Saints. The name 'Deseret,' according to Wikipedia, "is derived from the word for 'honeybee' in the Book of Mormon." It is Utah's oldest continuously published newspaper.
These Numbers, all from Volume XIII, establish the Deseret News as a first-class newspaper, reporting in detail on all subjects of contemporary concern. The Numbers print Mormon-related matters, such as an Address by Brigham Young "to the Latter Day saints in the settlements south of Great Salt Lake City"; and addresses by other prominent Church leaders, such as Heber Kimball.
The Deseret News also prints material on a plethora of other issues. As examples, Reports on "Items from Provo" and other counties describe business, weather, the abundance of fish, probate and court dockets, local events. Civil War reporting is continuous, on both military and political developments. The first Number reports on "court martial charges against Vallandigham," the notorious Ohio Copperhead who was banished behind enemy lines for his opposition to the War and the Lincoln administration; and "Gen. Burnside's famous order," condemning as spies or traitors Confederate sympathizers "found within our lines." Many local advertisements adorn the pages.
Flake 2822. Item #37442

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