Salinas City, Monterey County, California: The Monterey Democrat, 1880. The Monterey Democrat is 4pp folded folio, each leaf 16" x 24." Each page printed in six columns, each column separated by a rule. Rubberstamp of L.T. Fisher Advertising Agency, San Francisco, in upper right blank corner of first page. Inoffensive blindstamp, "Library of Stephen Foreman" at lower right margin of page 3. Very Good.
[with] DEMOCRAT SUPPLEMENT. Broadside, 5-1/2" x 13." Printed in two columns separated by a rule. Inoffensive blindstamp, "Library of Stephen Foreman" at lower right margin. Very Good.
The Monterey Democrat was a weekly, published in Salinas from 1867-1889, when it morphed into the Salinas Democrat. Pages 2-3 print several articles on the local and national presidential election. Other articles are primarily anecdotal and humorous. The weekly appears to have served as an advertising outlet. A great number of advertisements-- a virtual town business directory-- appear from and about local undertakers, real estate brokers, hotels, lawyers, warehouses, shoemakers, physicians, grocers, heavy equipment, dry goods, tailors, furniture, hardware, squirrel poison ["Sure Death to All Vermin"], patent medicines, blacksmiths, horses, mules, stables, freighting, insurance, farming equipment, etc., etc.
The Supplement is also a production of the Monterey Democrat, although its authorship is unstated. This copy too was housed in the Foreman Library; and it includes references to the Abbott House of Salinas, Monterey County, "the focal point of the town's social life and entertainment" [Monterey County Historical Society, online site]. The Supplement leads with an article about Frederick Douglass, entitled "An Honest Confession." Two thirds of a column report on Douglass's Speech in South Carolina, at a "colored" fair "to an audience composed mostly of his own race." Douglass is astonished at "the presence in South Carolina of the Chief Executive of your State, coming here and meeting with you men of the colored race... Abroad, it was supposed that there is a state of warfare between the races; aggression on the one hand, oppression on the other. What he saw and heard contradicted the idea plainly, unless he did not possess the ability to see, hear or comprehend right." Item #37742

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