Washington: Ritchie & Heiss, 1848. 26 issues, each 16pp and printed in three columns per page. 9-3/4" x 15." 416 pp. Paginated continuously. The first issue [May 31, 1848] is browned, chipped at outer margins, several closed tears, loss of several letters. The second issue [June 7, 1848] has unsightly brown spots on the first three leaves. Otherwise, a generally clean text with occasional minor wear. Issue No. 25 is dated November 1, 1848. Issue No. 26, the final one, dated April 11, 1849, reports the bad news for the Whigs, the delay in publication caused by confusion over the returns from Florida and Texas. Good to Good+.

Cass, the powerful Michigan Senator, author, and statesman, later originated the Popular Sovereignty Doctrine. Although he lost his bid for the Democrats' 1844 nomination, he was successful in 1848 but beaten in the general election by the Mexican War hero Zachary Taylor. Cass's resume was impressive indeed: Veteran of the War of 1812, Governor of the Michigan Territory, U.S. Senator from Michigan, Secretary of War, Secretary of State, Ambassador to France. A lifelong Democrat, he was the political antithesis of his Whig opponent, whose political experience was nil.
This campaign periodical emphasizes Cass's fitness for office, Taylor's lack thereof, and prints detailed analyses of the Democrats' correct positions on the major issues of the day: banking, slavery in the territories, the Wilmot Proviso, tariffs, internal improvements, and State Rights.
Not in Lomazow, Eberstadt, LCP, or Sabin, but well-represented in institutions according to OCLC. Item #38180

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