New York: J.H. Hingley, 1861. Five postal covers, each oblong 3-3/8" x 5-7/8." The recto of each is filled with an engraving of a Round of the boxing match. Light toning, minor wear to a blank flap. Near Fine.

From the U VA description: "Five envelopes in the Champion Prize Envelope set depict a boxing match between Lincoln and Davis in which the latter is easily defeated and Winfield Scott commands the Union armies. Smaller vignettes in the corners depict dogs guarding southern cotton and then fleeing; liberated slaves, Union artillery advancing, firing and marching home; Union and Confederate politicians commenting on the fight including John Minor Botts who is seen as keeping Virginia in the Union; European countries commenting on the fight; and the Union eagle and Liberty victorious with Lincoln the champion of all sections."
1st Round: Standing around a boxing ring, Lincoln and Davis in the middle, are a group of civilians, Soldiers, cannon. two dogs guarding a bale of cotton and a Confederate flag, a group of slaves, three men on a globe, Capitol and American flag in the background. In the ring, Davis cowers before Lincoln, who says, "I use no more force than necessary." Davis: "Let me alone!"
2nd Round: The same group encircles the ring. Lincoln: "Go back you dog to the junction I'll call on you there soon." Davis: "Beauregard, Lets fall back on Richmond." From the crowd of civilians: "Secession is looking smaller," and "We shall soon strip it." Other comments are uttered also.
3d Round: Lincoln: "I will soon smother those pirates." From the same encirclement anti-Confederate comments, such as "General That's secession's last kick," rebel soldiers saying, "Let's go home boys." The cotton bale and Confederate flag are missing.
4th Round: Seward and Scott are in the ring. Seward: "General where is secession now?" Scott : "Don't you see that greasespot?" Comment: "Virginia and Kentucky may now be heard in behalf of the whole Union."
5th Round: Lincoln, with "The Champion Belt": "You shall all have my impartial, constitutional and humble protection." He is surrounded by the iconic Screaming Eagle; a triumphant West, North, East, and South; and Lady Liberty, who says, "I still live."
Not in Reilly or Weitenkampf. AAS owns all five envelopes. OCLC 277634667 [1- U VA], 870219531 [1- Indiana U: Rounds 3-5 only], 870219603 [1- Indiana U: Rounds 1-2 only]. Item #38295

Price: $3,000.00