London: W.B. Walker, August 20, 1807. Engraved mezzotint broadside, 10" x 14." Several minor small tears and holes within the image. Publisher's line mostly erased. Lightly hinged on thin one-ply paper, with attractive ivory mat border. Some light wear to the image, Good+ copy of a rare broadside, attractively matted on white border.

"Africa" wears a plumed headdress and animal pelt. Standing in front of his thatched hut, he holds a spear in his left hand; in his right hand he holds a document inscribed "Slave Trade abolish'd 1806" [the critical year of England's Abolition Campaign, resulting in the 1807 Abolition Act]. "America" is Lady Liberty, wearing plumed headdress and cloak. She holds a standard with the Stars and Stripes, and gestures at a pedestal with portraits of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. A snake curls around the pedestal, suggesting the American susceptibility to the evil of Slavery, despite its ideology of Liberty. A landscape with a river, waterfall, and crocodile separates the continents.
We have encountered a couple of variations of this Walker broadside, one of them at Yale. However, we have not located a copy matching ours.
Not in LCP, Dumond, Sabin, Blockson. Not located on OCLC as of July 2022, or at the Huntington, Newberry, Boston Athenaeum. Item #38456

Price: $3,500.00