Baltimore: 1861. Folio broadside, on thin paper. 13-1/2" x 16-1/2." Significant reinforcement on blank verso, but not visible on printed recto. Small hole affecting 'th' in the word 'the;' small hole just touching the base of the final letter 'E' in the title.

This rare, apparently unrecorded broadside seeks to recruit Marylanders to the Confederacy after the Baltimore riots of April 1861. Considered the first bloodshed of the war, violence broke out when Massachusetts and Pennsylvania militia units passed through Baltimore for the defense of Washington.
A Border Slave State, Maryland was home to many Confederate sympathizers. Union troops would circle the State Capitol at Annapolis to prevent a General Assembly vote for Secession. In the 1860 presidential election, Maryland went for the Southern Democratic ticket headed by future Confederate General John Breckinridge; Lincoln received few popular votes.
After the firing on Fort Sumter, Lincoln called for 75,000 troops to quell the insurrection. Amid fears that the rebels threatened Washington, northern troops made their way to the Capitol. Unrest began in Baltimore when crowds assaulted troops marching to Fort McHenry. The troops fired into the mob, turning it into a full-blown riot resulting in the deaths of four soldiers and twelve civilians, with more wounded.
This broadside issued in the immediate aftermath of the riots, the author writing: "The bloody scenes of Friday, and the commotion of the last two days and nights, show how necessary it is to be prepared. Our people are now a unit. All manner of differences are merged in the deep affection felt for good Old Maryland. 'The covenant has been sealed in blood'...The glorious flag of the Union is a memory of the past. The only flags which now float over our city are the flags of the South and the banner borne by the Maryland Line... Under all these circumstances, and in view of the depressing necessity, it is suggested that all Citizens who are willing to be of Service and act concurrently with the Authorities of the City, meet and enrol their names and report for duty."
Not located in Sabin, Bartlett, LCP, Nevins, Eberstadt, or on OCLC or the online sites of AAS, Johns Hopkins, University of Maryland as of November 2022. Item #38928

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