Item #38949 LOCO FOCO EXPRESSES. New York City Election.


New York: H.R. Robinson, 1838. Oblong lithograph broadside, 13-1/4" x 20." Shallow blank left margin chips from a prior mounting. Light outer margin darkening. A clean image, signed 'Blanks fecit' [perhaps Edward Williams Clay]. Very Good.

A satiric commentary on thwarted Democratic hopes to control New York City. Whigs dashed Democratic expectations in the New York municipal elections of spring 1838. Successful Whig mayoral candidate Aaron Clark holds and restrains two horses by their tails: 'Stop my good fellows, you are going on a fools errand, you are counting your chickens before they are hatched'." His victory has delayed, if not destroyed, Loco Foco hopes of political dominance.
On the right, a Loco Foco supporter in the garb of a carman or driver sits on a horse and tries to ride toward Albany to fulfill his ambitions: 'Marcy must resign in my favor, and I'll be next Governor myself for this job!' Reilly suggests the man is either Isaac Varian, the Loco Foco mayoral candidate, or Democratic Congressman C.C. Cambreling.
On the left a uniformed Jacksonian Democrat sits on his horse. He wants to go to Washington: 'I shall insist on Matty's making me next Collector.' He is probably Tammany leader Jesse Hoyt, who indeed was successful in his quest to be Collector of the Port of New York.
Reilly 1838-11. Weitenkampf 52. OCLC 299944597 [1- DLC], 1136565725 [1- AAS] as of December 2022. Not at NYPL or NYHS web sites. Item #38949

Price: $1,500.00