Item #39726 SONG. MUNSON'S HILL! AIR - "CALL ME PET NAMES." Civil War.


[np: 186-]. Broadside, 4-5/8" x 10-1/4." Woodcut of hunter with dog at head of title. Text and illustration within an ornamental border. Light extremity wear, mild discoloration, printed on thin paper with prior mounting remnants. Good+.

"Oh call us hard names, call us mere tools / In the hands of the North, to be made such fools, / To watch night and day, with fear and fright, / At a heap of old sand banks mounted with pipe!"
The song mocks McClellan and his Union troops for succumbing to Confederate trickery: "Those ponderous cannon shining and bright, / Turned out to be pieces of old stove pipe!" Wikipedia says northerners exasperated with McClellan's performance wrote several bitterly satiric tunes about the incident.
Wolf C115 and 1491. Rudolph 181. OCLC 32248473 [4- NYHS, Brown, Wake Forest, U VA] as of December 2023. Item #39726

Price: $450.00

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